Ubuntu 7.10 Beta Issues

I'm still getting used to using Ubuntu 7.10 beta on my Macbook.

Unresolved Bugs
  • The bottom task-switcher bar sometimes disappears.
  • Firefox doesn't quit cleanly - it always crashes.
    • No big deal, this just means that I need to deal with a "do you want to restore" dialog every time Firefox starts up.
  • Macbook Audio can't be muted.
    • This appears to be a long-standing Ubuntu / Macbook bug, due to the way Macbook audio muting is implemented. Someone needs to write a driver, and unfortunately audio driver writers don't seem to care much about Macbook laptops.

Resolved Bugs
  • Support for a one-button trackpad
    • Choose System:Administration:Synaptic
    • Use synaptic to install the mouseemu package to allow F11,F12 buttons to emulate middle and right mouse clicks.
  • Phantom button clicks while moving the mouse:
    • Choose System:Preferences:Mouse:Touchpad
    • Un-check "Tap to Click".
    • Choose Close.
  • Problems connecting to Windows Vista Printers and Windows Vista Shares:
  • Enable Cleartype-like nice looking anti-aliased fonts:
    • Choose System:Preferences:Appearence:Fonts
    • Choose "Subpixel Smoothing".
  • Enable Java:
    • Choose System:Administration:Synaptic
    • Install sun-java6-jdk
  • Enable Flash:
    • Choose System:Administration:Synaptic,
    • install ubuntu-restricted-extras.
    • This installs a bunch of useful software that should be in the default Ubuntu install, but isn't due to political differences between the software authors and the Ubuntu packagers.


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