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An update on my car stereo

It's been a year since I bought my fancy car stereo. I wanted to mention that I've ended up not using most of the fancy features.
The built-in MP3 player had issues with my 1000-song / 100 album / 4 GB music collection:It took a long time to scan the USB storage each time the radio turned on.It was difficult to navigate the album and song lists.Chinese characters were not supported.It took a long time to "continue" a paused item, especially a long item like a podcast.The bluetooth pairing only worked with one phone at a time, which was awkward in a two-driver family.Here's how I use it now: I connect my phone using both the radio's USB (so the phone is being charged) and mini stereo plugs.I use the phone's built-in music player.I have the radio set to AUX to play the music from the stereo input plug.It's a little bit cluttered, because of the two cables, but it gets the job done. The phone's music player UI is so much better than the radio's UI.