How about that new Verizon Droid?

I've been working part time on the "Droid" project for the last year, and it finally shipped today. I wrote some of the graphics libraries.

At first I was skeptical of the industrial design. The early prototypes looked very much like a 1970's American car dashboard. But Motorola really improved the industrial design in subsequent versions. I like the high-grip rubber on the battery cover. It makes the phone very comfortable to hold.

The phone hardware is very fast, and the high resolution screen is beautiful. I think people will enjoy owning and using this phone.

My favorite feature is the turn-by-turn navigation software. My second favorite feature is the "Droooid" default notification sound. Oh, and the camera flashlight is very nice too!


J. Peterson said…
Hey Jack,

Just bought a Droid today. Congrats on a beautiful phone, graphics & browsing on it are wonderful.

We hit a deal-killer though - apparently there's no way to do completely hands-free voice dialing with a Bluetooth headset (driving in CA requires this). It's a real shame, because the Google voice-recognition works so well!

If only they'd hook it up so you can use it without tapping the screen, it'd be the perfect phone.

J. Peterson said…
Ah, they fixed this with the Droid X, although I notice they use the Verizon/Nuance app, instead of the Google voice recognition (which I suspect works much better, but needs net connectivity).

At any rate, it's great to make calls with the phone safely kept in your pocket.

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