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An Update on "Terminal Emulator for Android" development

I am shutting down " Terminal Emulator for Android " development  again. Why am I doing this? I have lost interest in the core idea of an on-device terminal emulator. Maintaining project, even in its mostly stable state, is taking up too much of my time. I do not want to give control of the app to other developers, for fear that they will ruin the app by adding bugs, ads, in-app purchases, or malware. What this means: I will make one or two more releases based on the current source tree. (Which has a few small bug fixes.) I will be closing all open bugs as "won't fix". I will be rejecting all future pull requests. What you should do: If you're a user, the app will continue to be available in its current state. If you're a developer, you are welcome to fork the app to start your own version. Maybe get together with other developers and make something great!